Saturday, 16 March 2013

Pornstar April Flowers

Pornstar April Flowers was born in Alaska, United States and uses the aliases April Summers, April Rain, and also April Flowers- she is a full time pornstar and has dyed blonde hair and is known for her anal sex scenes in adult movies. April Flowers is also well known and sought after for her lesbian sex scenes and has also had a go at directing adult movies a few times, some of her movies have won awards which we are now trying to locate.

Pornstar Anna Nova

Pornstar Anna Nova is a typical porn star with dyed blonde hair and big false tits, she has been in the adult film industry for over a decade, although she has probably only had her breast enlargements for about six years, this helped her get a bit more work in porn films, although she has decided to do less in the adult movie industry and focus on her other business interests, which she has developed over the years.
She is not originally from the USA and we would welcome anyone who wants to send us some recent photos of Anna Nova - this would help us build a better picture of what she has been doing recently and what she looks like - so send us the pics asap - please.

Pornstar Asia Carrera

Pornstar Asia Carrera is a very well known asian female adult film star, who has starred in well over three hundred sex films spanning over a few decades, she has now retired from starring in porn movies, and has never been known to do anal sex - as far as i know.
       She has also won the AVN - adult video news Female Performer of the Year in 1994, apparently she has won a few other awards, although it will take a while to list and find out about all of the awards - as i do like to keep things accurate. Asia Carrera is now a day trader and buys and sells stocks and shares, as well as running her own adult membership paysite for all of her fans.

Pornstar Stacy Silver

Pornstar Stacy Silver who has been in sex videos since the year 2001 and is from the Czech Republic- which means that Stacy Silver is probably not her real name - the same with just about all pornstars sine time began, and has appeared in over 40 hardcore adult sex films.
   Like most pornstars these days Stacy Silver has false breasts, this is very common in the porn industry, it enables pornstars to get more work, and most female pornstars have them. (I dont know of any male pornstars that have them)     
              Stacy silver has always had dyed blonde hair, and once used to be a fashion model in the Czech Republic, i di=ont know wether she still carries on this employment or not, although i hear she still does movies + pictures.

Pornstar Donita Dunes

Pornstar Donita Dunes who is notorious for having extra large big tits - and quite obviously false tits - has appeared in over thirty porn films to date that we can count, hopefully we aim to list them all, although some of them are very old and the records are a bit scratchy, so we will just have to try and do our best to get accurate records from various sources. Donita Dunes has had a long term boyfriend, the adult film industry is notorious for taking its toll on long term relationships with participants in the xxx sector, so it is surprising that she has had a boyfriend for such a long time, especially having sex on film with other paid adult actors.
Any pictures of Donita Dunes you have - just send them to us and we'll publish them.

Pornstar Eden Adams

Pornstar Eden Adams has been in sex movies for seven years approx, and had a short contract spell with brazzers, although this did not last long enough to turn into a long term contract, so she then became available again through the normal adult agency route into adult films.   
      She has also appeared in jules jordans evil angel series of films, although jules jordan does'nt make so many films these days, anyway Eden Adams is still plenty in demand in the adult film industry in both pictures and movies.

Brittney Skye Pornstar

Brittney Skye is a blonde pornstar with big tits, she has been in the porn industry for about fifteen years, she has big tits that are false tits and she also has a shaven pussy.
Brittney Skye is also known for starring in interacial sex films and has starred with black pornstar mandingo as well as other black + white pornstars.
We reckon that Brittney Skye has starred in over one hundred porn films, we are looking for some of the lesbian ones she has appeared in, although we cant find them at the moment.